Pemalang – Community for ODS (People With Scleroderma) changed its name to Yayasan Scleroderma Indonesia, after previously named Komunitas Scleroderma Indonesia. This legal foundation was officially established on November 28, 2016 in Pemalang, Central Java, in accordance with the founder’s domicile, Patrisia Ayu.
“While this foundation we focus on Pemalang, according to my domicile, because I also work in Pemalang. We hope we can raise the foundation in Semarang, where there is a hospital and doctors, “said Patrisia Ayu, a woman who works as a teacher.
Increasing public awareness of Indonesia about Scleroderma disease become one of vision and mission of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation and become reference in conducting foundation activity. In practice, in addition to providing education to patients and families, the foundation also follows and holds some activities that support the realization of the vision and mission. In addition to activities in the field, Yayasan Scleroderma Indonesia also provides information through social media that can be accessed through various facilities already available.
“We are trying to do our best for the foundation, because it also affects the quality of life of ODS throughout Indonesia”, added the board of Trustees of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation, Agustina Putri.