PEMALANG – Yayasan Scleroderma Indonesia contribute to Healthy Life Seminar event in the Old Day in the framework of Indonesian Catholic Women’s Anniversary. Attended by the invitation of more elderly, the event took place royally. The Scleroderma Foundation of Indonesia was given the opportunity to spread awareness about Scleroderma disease that more attacked this woman at the event which took place on Sunday, 30 July 2017.
After meeting the event at St. Luke Church of Pemalang, Agustina Putri, as the Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation Counselor said, “We are delighted to be involved in this seminar, because this is an opportunity for us to spread awareness about Scleroderma disease which is still rare,” he said. .
“Events like this are very useful for us, very good information even there was a new disease we heard his name, Scleroderma” said Sujarwati, one of the guests who attended.
The event organized by Pemalang District Catholic Women was very well received by the invitees.