PEMALANG – Yayasan Scleroderma Indonesia in cooperation with Midwifery Academy Bhakti Pertiwi Pemalang held a Public Seminar with Scleroderma theme , The Deadly Chronicle . The public seminar held on December 20, 2017 was held with the aim of introducing and providing education about Scleroderma disease among the public. Located at the Auditorium of Akbid Bhakti Pertiwi Pemalang, the seminar was attended by approximately fifty participants and invited, coming from professionals, students and students.

“Scleroderma attacks more women than men. One of the reasons is why we eventually work with health schools, such as Akbid, Akper for counseling about Scleroderma, “said the secretary of the Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation, Egi.

After the event, Nunung Nugroho, one of the lecturers of Midwifery Academy Bhakti Pertiwi also explained “This event is very good indeed, considering that we as lecturers who dabbled in the world of health the first time heard of Scleroderma disease, which was also related to women and discipline the science we teach students. “

The enthusiasm of the participants was seen during the question and answer session, many of the participants were interested in knowing more detailed information about this scleroderma disease.

“This seminar is very useful for me. This new coincidence recently heard the name of autoimmune diseases, especially Scleroderma, and was still quite rare as well. We are also glad to see and meet directly with the sufferer “, said Azmi, one of the participants from one high school in Pemalang Health.