SEMARANG – In commemoration of World Lupus Day, dr. Kariadi Semarang in cooperation with PESLI Semarang Branch held a Seminar on Public Awareness of Autoimmune Disease. Yayasan Scleroderma Indonesia was asked to take part in the event held on May 6, 2017 at the Training Building of dr. Kariadi Semarang.

Some of the material presented in this annual layman seminar is a Blood Disease on Lupus presented by Prof. dr. C. Soeharto, SpPD-KHOM, Autoimmune Disease in Adults by dr. Bantar Suntoko, SpPD-KR,Lupus Nephritis by Dr. Dr. Resteriningsih, SpPD-KGH, Lupus in Children described by dr. Westiani, M.Si.Med, SpA (K), Psychological Aspects of Autoimmune Disease by dr. Soesmeyka Savitri, SpKJ, andSkin Manifestation on Scleroderma presented by dr. YF. Rahmat S, SpKK.

“This event is very informative for me as a layman. I am delivering my friend who is autoimmune as well. I am so educated, that it turns out autoimmune disease as dangerous with other chronic diseases “, said Risti, one of the seminar participants.

The event that takes place every year is attended by health practitioners, patients and families of patients throughout Central Java and surrounding areas. Discussion about Lupus is the main discussion in this seminar, considering that people with Lupus in Central Java far more than Scleroderma.