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The Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation is managed by patients, volunteers, and patient families who are moved to realize the vision and mission of the foundation. Here is the organizer arrangement of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation:




Woman who loves spicy food works as teacher in private school. Reading and singing are her hobbies. No wonder this woman who has beutiful voice also as a radio announcer. Easy going and friendly is a suitable character to describe the Board of Trustees of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation, seen from her motto of life “My life is for others”.



Mother who works as a teacher and Head master of Kindergarten school as well as the Supervisory Board of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation is biggest fan of Inul Daratista. The motherly figure of the ageless who loves ‘sayur asem’ is a super care and cheerful person. The owner of the motto “Let it flow” is always be able to enjoy her life whatever the challenge.

Founder and Chairperson


Person With Scleroderma

The heavy admirer of Richard Gere who is still active as a teacher at Senior High School is a cheerful person. As founder and chairperson of the Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation, this travelling addicted woman has a motto of life “Semua bukan terjadi, tetapi dibuat terjadi”. These coffee and Italian food lovers love reading psycology book, and she believe that nothing is certain in this world other than change.



The energetic figure who likes to organize is a Social Assistant PKH Kemensos RI. Admirers Paulo Coelho who secretly collect the One Piece animation love all kinds of food except spicy food. “Berserah padaNya menjadi alternatif terakhir setelah semua usaha dan doa dilakukan” is the motto of the woman who served as Secretary of the Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation.



Yohana or commonly called Ana is a simple and cheerful person. In addition to serving as Treasurer of Scleroderma Indonesia Foundation, fans of fried rice and mineral water is a privat employees. The woman who fans of Agnez Mo and like all the genres of film has a motto “Jangan pernah berpikir bahwa kebaikan anda dapat menjadi sebuah ukuran untuk menuntut hak anda pada Tuhan”.